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We are a group of bald dogs, 15,000 strong that support each other in the Metaverse as we endure experiences unique to creatures without hair.  We shiver through the cold and snowy nights, burn like a redhead on the beach on the hot, sunny days, and experience the curious and sometimes inappropriate looks of others.  We love to eat, sleep, play and of course, delight in the olfactory experience of sniffing each other’s rears.  We are all superb specimens and provably unique, but some of us are fancier than others, if I do say so myself!  We spend our time enjoying ourselves and not shying away from the edgier things in life.


Hairless Canine Society NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea, where they live on the Ethereum blockchain.  While some traits, and hence the associated dogs are much rarer than others, each dog is priced at 0.101010 ETH.

Of the original 15,000 NFTs, 55 will be held back for use in marketing, giveaways, and/or any other aspects that promote the Hairless Canine Society and increase value for the HCS community.


Each dog was programmatically generated from 113 traits that resulted in millions of possible outcomes.  Traits included color, headwear, earrings, necklaces, shirts, and many more. 

Each dog is verifiably unique.  The traits of each canine were recorded in a spreadsheet.  A SHA-256 hash was generated for each image and included in the spreadsheet.  Decentralized metadata for each dog is stored on Pinata and is available using the following URL format:{Dog Number]_Metatdata.json

where [Dog Number] is the dog number in which you are interested.  Do not include the square brackets or a comma, for instance dog 5,717 is:




  • Create the Hairless Canine Society website.     COMPLETE

  • Creation of social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.     COMPLETE

  • Community Discord server opened.     COMPLETE

  • Manually load NFTs to  Trust me, it was a terrible idea, use a smart contract.     COMPLETE



When sales of the Hairless Canine Society NFTs reach these milestones it will trigger the following actions:

  • 10%  --  Original wallets that purchased a dog will be entered in a drawing to win one of ten canines that were held back for promotional purposes.     

  • 25%  --  Ten additional NFTs that were held back will be airdropped to random wallets holding a dog.

  • 50%  --  We all love to gamble!  Let's take $50,000 and give it back to the wallets holding dogs.  When we get to this stage, a thread will open on the Discord to allow voting on how many winners and the values we want.

  • 65%  --   Every dog should have a pet, work will begin on an NFT project to make this so.  Dog holders will be whitelisted, given the chance to offer input on the project, and purchase the resulting NFTs at a lower price prior to release.

  • 75%   --  The Hairless Canine Society website will get a makeover, complete with a private area for members and an online store with apparel and other fun items.

  • 90%   --   Fifteen of the NFTs held back for promotional purposes will be airdropped to random holders of a dog.

  • 100%  --  The original idea called for 5% of Hairless Canine Society profits to be donated to animal rescues and shelters around the world.  When Russia chose to invade Ukraine, some Ukrainian symbology was included in the NFTs and it feels right that instead of the original plan, 6% will be split evenly between animal rescues/shelters and humanitarian projects supporting Ukrainians.  You may enter your choice of charity in the proper Discord channel.


Mesocyclone is a one man show and envisioned this NFT, developed the marketing, created the traits, wrote the code to generate the dogs, and loaded them all to OpenSea.  He has been on earth for a number of decades and is self-taught on most everything he knows, which of course is debatable!  While not complete, much of his personality and joys in life can be seen in the dogs of the Hairless Canine Society.

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